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Today a mini-review. I'll be looking at MOC-30664 Custom RC 42110 Landrover Defender. This MOC is from the outside the same as the 42110-1 Landrover Defender, but underneath, PowerFunctions are added that make the model remote controlled. What I am most curious at, is the performance. The Landrover is not a small or light model. Will the 2 motors be enough to power the car?

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Two motors, tracks and a remote control. Seems simple enough. Does this equal FUN? Or do you need more?


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Harry Potter is one of the few themes my wife gets excited to see. She's a much bigger fan than me and I use her love of the material to get my hands on some LEGO. That being said, I've never been disappointed by a LEGO Harry Potter set, they always have great playability and are nice builds. Hopefully the Clock Tower won't break that streak.

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In a first, a LEGO model had preceded the real life model. Pictures of this set appeared before Land Rover was able to announce their latest model. There has already been a lot said about the color. Let's judge the rest.

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I'm a big City fan. from their versatile sets and reasonable prices I think it's up there with the best themes. And I think it's a largely ignored theme. Now I do have complaints about LEGO's current trend of stretching the theme a bit (a lot!), but at it's core, the Police, Fire, Hospital, Bank, Shop sets are great builds, great fun, and full of Minifigures, if they're your thing. As soon as I saw the Donut on the roof of this LEGO building I knew it had to be a set I reviewed. Luckily I have the opportunity, I hope it's as awesome as it looks.

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