Parks in LEGO City have become a dangerous place crawling with wild animals and homeless dogs!

This is a quick photo review of set 31044 Park Animals which is a new addition in a series of 3-in-1 Creator sets depicting various animals. This time we get either a dog and a duck with ducklings, or an owl, or a squirrel.


Set Specifications

Theme: Creator
Set number: 31044
Set title: Park Animals
Age range: 6-12
Pieces: 202
Minifigures: 0
Price: $14.99 / €14.99
Released: 2016

Manufacturer's Description:

Meet the cute 3-in-1 Park Animals!

Take care of the cute dog with its big puppy eyes, large floppy ears and black shiny nose, and the caring duck with its ducklings. These endearing Park Animals come with posable joints and an authentic color scheme. When you feel like a change, rebuild to create a scurrying squirrel or a wise owl.

The box

The box has a standard size, the same as, for example, last year's 31031 Rainforest Animals. This will come in handy if you store unopened sets in your collector's vault.

The front side of the box features a large picture of the main option of the set and 2 small pictures of the alternates.

Park Animals - Box - 1


The rear side of the box shows all of the available models together which may be quite misleading as one needs to buy three copies of the set to recreate this scene (which I actually did, but for my own reasons).

Park Animals - Box - 2


The top side of the box presumably tells a story of how the hunter becomes the prey.

Park Animals - Box - 3


The contents of the box include 3 instruction booklets for alternative models and 3 (that was predictable) separate small bags with parts.

Park Animals - Contents - 2 Park Animals - Contents - 1


Instructions seem oversimplified even for the given age range. Most steps consist in connecting of just a single part, and constant turning of pages quickly becomes annoying.

Park Animals - Instructions - 1

Sample pages

Park Animals - Instructions - 2

Parts list


The color scheme of the set is quite diverse, and the inclusion of both Dark Orange and Reddish Brown seems controversial.

The only new part in this set is 22889 Slope Inverted 45° 6 x 2 Double with 2 x 4 Cutout in White. Other parts are quite common, which is usual for Creator, and only a few come in new or rare colors, most notably 13547 Slope Curved 4 x 1 Inverted in White (4 of them are used).

Check out the full inventory to see all the details. We also have separate inventories for each of the models in the set so you can check if you already have the right parts to build at least one of them.

Park Animals - Inventory

It is worth noting that in this set part 4085b "Plate Special 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical - Thin U Clip" seems to be a frequent alternate to part 60897 "Plate Special 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical - Thick Open O Clip". Both of these mold variations can even be found in the same copy of the set as shown in the photo below.

Park Animals - Alternates

Main model

Duck with ducklings [Inventories: duck; ducklings]

Simplistic but easily recognizable models of a drake mallard and three little ducklings.

Duck - 1 Duck - 2

Dog [Inventory]

The dog is the biggest model in the set with the most posing capabilities. It can even stand upright and take rather strange poses such as the examples shown below.

Dog - SNOT

SNOT assembly for the leg and the head

Dog - assembling

Body parts prior to assembling

Dog - 1 Dog - 2

Standing dog

Dog - 4 Dog - 3

Sitting dog

Walking dog


Dog - 6

Flying dog

Dog - 5 Dog - 7

Dog standing upright

Dog pretending to be a kangaroo


Spare parts

Spare parts left after the main set of models

Alternate models

Owl [Inventory]

As far as I know, owls are not the most common park animals. Still this is a very cute model. Note that it can turn its head backwards just like a real owl.

Owl - SNOT - Body Owl - SNOT - Head

SNOT assembly for the body

SNOT assembly for the head


Owl - 1 Owl - 2 Owl - 3

Squirrel [Inventory]

The squirrel is the least impressive model with limited posing capabilities and unappealing coloring.

Squirrel - SNOT

SNOT assembly for the head

Squirrel - 1 Squirrel - 2


As I mentioned before, one needs to buy three copies of the set to build the full ensemble.

Collage - 1

All of the models of set 31044 "Park Animals"

Collage - 2

The same plus the primary models of set 31031 "Rainforest Animals"

Duck Hunt

The ugly truth about nature

Thank you for your attention!



  • 4 years ago Bolbuyk Level 18 MOC Designer
    I like the animals series in the creator line very much. The dog looks very playful and hyperactive. But my favorite is the owl.
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