The new addition to the Winter Village: 10254: Winter Holiday Train. The series started in 2009, and had a new set every year, except for last year. In 2015 LEGO released a re-release of the 10199 Toy Shop, the 10249 Toy Shop. Many were wondering what would come this year. Will LEGO bring something new, or will they make another re-release. That question is now answered: LEGO released a brand new set! Let's see how it will fit in the Winter Village.

The box

My box was too damaged in transport to take some good pictures from it, so I borrowed these from the internet. On the front is a picture of the set.

On the back are several detailed pictures of the set, along with information for adding Power Functions to the set.

First thing I noticed is that there are no stickers. I like that!
Inside the box are 6 bags numbered 1, 2 and 3. There is also an unnumbered bag with train wheels an train magnets, and 4 sets of bend railroad tracks.

For some reason the instructions consists of one small and one large book. Not sure why these aren't joined together.

New parts

There is 1 new part: 3070bpr0166.

There are some parts that appear in a new color.
2423 appears new in White.
57999 appears new in Red.
4092 appears new in Red.
6081 appears new in Green.


No village without people. This set contains 5 minifigures. These are the mayor, 2 children, a conductor and a driver. As mentioned before, there are no new prints for these minifigures.

The build - Step 1

Step 1 builds the train station platform and a lot of micro-presents. These presents are very nice and clever build. Again: no idea why this part of the build is in a separate instruction book.

The build - Step 2

In step 2 the locomotive and the coal-cart is build. It's kind of a straight forward build, with little surprises.

The build - Step 3

Step 3 builds the cargo wagon and the passenger wagon. On the cargo wagon stands a small Christmas tree that rotates as the wagon moves. I love the little toy train around the tree.

Power Functions

The set can be motorized using the Power Functions. In the back of the intruction book are instructions on how to do this. Unfortunately I don't have the parts myself to do this. But from what I've seen in the instructions and hear on Facebook groups it looks kind of ugly. The batterybox and wires are showing. I think people can come up with better alternatives than the one provided by TLG. The parts needed are 8879, 8884, 88000 and 88002, costing about €55,-.


The end result:

Spare parts

Overall it's a nice set. There are fun little details and it looks great in the village. Definitely a display set. The build itself was less thrilling. No clever building techniques or surprises. Just straight forward one brick on another. So should you get it? If you love the holidays this is a great set for around the Christmas tree. But for the build I would suggested something more challenging.

Disclaimer: This LEGO set was provided for review by The LEGO Group. Anything said in this post is the opinion of the author and not The LEGO Group.


  • 2 years, 4 months ago BrickKid Level 9
    I really liked your article. Well written and very detailed. I recently read a review on the LEGO 10245 Santa’s Workshop which i wasn't too happy with how it was reviewed, but I brought it purely i had this train set and i think both would go perfectly together. Thinking of building a huge winter Santa set in time for Christmas. I'm sure the family will be jealous of my set when they come over Christmas day ;)
  • 2 years, 11 months ago TeagueO Level 24 MOC Designer
    Very well written, I really want this set...
  • 3 years, 5 months ago Bricknack Level 3
    The part # 6081 in green is new in this set. But, I have bought this part in green several years ago from a seller in New England (if I remember right) on BrickLink. Since then I have been looking and it does not seem to exist in green, anywhere. I bought 14 of them. They are Lego as I was careful and strict about using only genuine, unmodified Lego pieces. The model uses 14 and was completed in 2012. It can be verified as built by February 2013 by this YouTube upload... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk77tU45Nvs and the part can be seen in the video at 0:10, 2:53, and 3:19. My question to any one is "Where did they come from?" I have been trying to figure it out for years. Sorry for the tangent post and thanks to any one who can provide information.
  • 3 years, 5 months ago dangandblast Level 2
    I've decided the small builds are in a separate book so it can be a family project - give kid/less experienced/lower attention span builder the mini builds, to work alongside the main train builder. I'm looking forward to building it with my little girl, and we'll split it that way :)
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