The Designer Plan is intended to provide more features beyond the Pro Plan that help MOC designers promote and sell their creations on Rebrickable. Over the last few months I've released several enhancements specific to the Designer Plan.

Featured MOCs

As the number of people upgrading has increased, the number of MOCs that are being promoted in the Featured MOCs spots has grown considerably. This has actually made the feature less useful and less fair.

The old system was picking random MOCs from all eligible designers, but that meant some designers with hundreds of MOCs would get far more impressions than those with only one or two MOCs. It also didn't take into account who it was showing the MOCs to, e.g. you probably aren't interested in seeing your own MOCs being advertised to yourself.

The new system distributes views evenly amongst all designers. To assist with this a new setting has been added to allow you to pick which of your MOCs you want to be included in the Featured MOC spot impressions. The default is to always use your most recently added Premium MOC, but you can change it to spread the views amongst all or a subset of your MOCs if you wish.

There has been an immediate impact for most designers which you may see in the first chart on your MOC Analytics page:

Social Media

All Premium MOCs published when you are on the Designer Plan are also automatically added to the front of my social media posting queue. This posts to Rebrickable's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages at regular scheduled times during the day. 

If, for whatever reason, you don't want your MOC to be published there is now a new setting where you can disable it.

Note that, at my discretion, some MOCs may not get posted if I think it is inapproprate.


Previously, your MOC Analytics page showed you the last 6 months of MOC data and last 1 month of designer ranking data.

I have now imported the last 12 months worth of data from multiple database backups, and given you the ability to view all of it or specify a particular timeframe to look at in more detail.




  • 1 month, 1 week ago Miro Level 15 MOC Designer
    Nathan, it's always nice to see you make improvements to this site and to listen to the user base. Thank you for that. I have been using this site for many years and I see a huge influx of MOCs, which is good for the site, but I feel the organization of them is not well represented. The MOCs section is great at showing the hottest or newest MOCs, but I find it's representation is very biased towards vehicles or Star Wars, which causes a feedback to MOCers to make more of those in order to stay relevant. Sure there is an advanced option buried, but it resorts to picking one of hundred or so themes or specific key word searches. What I am getting at is that it does not allow for a dynamic visual browsing of MOCs. Say if someone wants to build an animal, how would one find without resorting to limiting themselves to a specific animal word search, or one wanted to see Hottest MOCs that are not necessarily vehicles or Star Wars related, or whatever else. I hope you take this as constructive feedback to further site development that would hopefully benefit the masses.
    • Thanks for the suggestion, it's not an easy problem and am happy to hear ideas for improving discoverability.
      • 5 days, 4 hours ago Discordia Level 9 MOC Designer PRO
        I'm struggling with the same issue. Neither interested in vehicles nor space ships. 
        What if there was a mandatory tag choice in the MOC uploading progress?

        What's the thing you built?
        • Vehicle (car, spaceship, tank, train, etc.)
        • Creature/Person 
        • Scene (landscape, a room, a scene containing multiple elements)
        • miniature object (small lego version of a microwave)
        • pixel art/design object (mostly 2D)

  • 1 month, 1 week ago veyniac Level 17 MOC Designer PRO
    Just a suggestion: could you make the "free BI downloads" statistic a free plan feature? Here is my logic: if someone is putting content for free on Rebrickable, should they have to pay to see if people are enjoying that content?
  • 1 month, 1 week ago MOMAtteo79 Level 12 MOC Designer
    What do you think of giving a free trial period for the plan to users who achieve a certain amount of sales? So they can see if the paid plan is useful to them to help improve their sales. Maybe they don’t activate Designer because they think it’s not worth and may be proved wrong. 
    • I've avoided that kind of complexity in the payment coding. If I could drop PayPal support it would be sooo much easier to do things like this.
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