The 42041 Race Truck is the last of the first batch of 2015 Technic sets I will be reviewing. If it looks familiar, that's because it is a re-release of the 2010 set 8041.

Box Contents

The box contains:

  • 8 x unnumbered bags of parts.
  • 4 x 56 x 28 Tyres.
  • 2 x instruction booklets (just for the A-Model).
  • 1 x Sticker sheet

See the full inventory of 607 parts.


The 8041 set was released in 2010 (during my dark ages!), and presumably was popular enough to warrant releasing again. According to the Rebrickable ownership stats, it only ranks about 630th in terms of number of users who own the set, so doesn't indicate it was terribly popular.

Does anyone else have any ideas as to why it's being re-released?

We can use Rebrickable to compare 42041 vs 8041 to see if it is the exact same set. It turns out there are some very slight differences.


The base framework for the truck is actually pretty thin - just a single layer of technic beams. The rear axle with differential and front steering with the usual HOG connection is added, and of course the obligatory V8 engine.

The rest of the truck is made up mainly from panels. The driver's seat is actually a blue mudguard panel (which looks pretty uncomfortable to me!). The front cabin is made to swing forward using a couple of technic beams connected as a hinge via friction pins so it holds in place ok.

The silver flexible hose used to connect to the engine needs to be cut (!) to size, a technique that has mostly been faded out in preference for providing the correct pre-cut lengths. The side panels and front and rear guard are added on giving the truck some depth.

Completed Model

I left the stickers to the end so you can see the difference they make. Since the stickers change the colors of the panels so dramatically, it's a bit hard to compare before and after. They definitely improve the look of the set in my opinion, but maybe that's just because I'm not really impressed with it's looks in the first place.

With stickers.

The front cabin swings forward after removing two locking pins. There's not much to see underneath though, and it reveals just how little framework there is keeping the truck together. The cabin doors can also open.


The B-Model is a race car and the images of it grabbed my attention more so than the truck, so I decided to build it.

The completed model is a little bit flimsy in places as there are insufficient left over parts to make the framework stronger. It mostly affects the rear of the car which hangs over the back wheels without connecting to anything.


I don't know why the 42041 Race Truck has been re-released, supposedly there was enough demand to justify it. I don't think LEGO do that too often. The set is ok, but doesn't really do much for me.

Personally, I prefer the B-Model to the Race Truck, a truck without a trailer just doesn't look right to me. I think the B-Model looks pretty good but is a bit flimsy in places.

You can now buy this set for $69.99, £59.99 or check other store prices and sales history here.


  • 5 years, 1 month ago mowikan Level 5
    To be honest: The lego trucks share almost exact the same front. Some variation in color but pretty close.
  • 5 years, 1 month ago OscarWRG Level 14 MOC Designer
    The 8041 set was a LIMITED EDITION
  • 5 years, 1 month ago biodreamer Level 21 MOC Designer PRO
    How come that you don't link in these blogs with the sets "review" instead of allways having brickset?
  • 5 years, 1 month ago Kaanere Level 9
    Maybe it was re-released for the few alternates that it has? Like the f1 and hotrod.
    Because for parts isn't the best set, the same parts that any set with steering and engine has. Maybe combined with the formula off-road can be a good base for supercars?
    • 5 years, 1 month ago jantjeuh Level 28 PRO
      I think I read somewhere that it had a very limited release before, maybe they had a big stock of these parts/sticker sheets/whatever left, and decided to re-release it.
      • 5 years, 1 month ago Kaanere Level 9
        That's a good explanation!
        Aslo, is the manual in the modern style (probably) or is LEGO so lazy to do what we are all thinking?
  • 5 years, 1 month ago mihai_9600 Level 3
    Looks like the only special parts in this set are the tyres, they are quite rare and expensive on bricklink.
  • 5 years, 1 month ago Immo Level 13 MOC Designer
    Well, the truck is a RACE truck so it shouldn't haul any trailer either. The truck has a charged V8 engine which wouldn't help in cargo hauling anyways. :)
  • 5 years, 1 month ago jantjeuh Level 28 PRO
    One of my least favorite sets IMO. Boring to build, boring to 'play' with, and boring to look at (especially without stickers). Apparently it got rereleased because the original (8041) only had a limited release in 2010.
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