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  1. TobyMac

    Buy parts for more MOCs at the same time

    Other option: You can export the missing parts into a BrickLink or BrickOwl wanted lsit. Just export the missing parts for both MOCs into the same wanted list, and they get merged.
  2. Check Number of Parts. It's set to a minimum of 50. The 1560-1 has 26
  3. TobyMac


    I need a display cabinet dedicated to this.
  4. Both BrickLink and BrickOwl have them under 1 part. I can't see any difference in the images, so I'll merge them
  5. TobyMac

    Distinction between 44301a and 44301b in sets

    In this case it's probably because the element IDs are listed under the a-version, and need to be moved. LEGO makes no distinction between a and b, just 44301 and 44302, so we can't see under which version the element ID belongs. It could be used for both versions. We only find out when someone has a set in hands that shows the error. Or like in your case.
  6. TobyMac

    Negative parts???

    Nathan is currently working on bugs in the 'Marked Build' option
  7. TobyMac

    Function Question / find set by adding loose parts

    It's how I started using rebrickable. I like to buy used LEGO and sort it into seta.
  8. TobyMac

    Speed Champion 2015 sets

  9. TobyMac

    Function Question / find set by adding loose parts

    And when you find a complete set in your part list, you can add the set to a set list, while automatically removing the parts in thes set from your part list, so you can continue looking for complete sets in the remaining parts.
  10. TobyMac

    Speed Champion 2015 sets

    When you open this page, does every set have a blue box with 1x (or higher)?
  11. Yep, copy from forum is a known bug. Something that happens with the style-codes of the text interferes
  12. Any change you copy/paste the set number from somewhere else? That sometimes gives issues.
  13. To be sure: the radio button of Custom List is selected I assume? It's standard on Part List.
  14. TobyMac

    Problem with uploading instructions.

    Same here with large files
  15. TobyMac

    Personal lego inventory

    Found it: