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  1. Hixie

    MOC not appearing in "Find sets you can build"

    oh wow! that's totally it. i must have first done a search in 2016, and ever since then it's been limited to that! That explains why I never see new MOCs on the list! It would be great if the last year, when specified as the end date, was saved not as a date, but as just "last possible year", so that it would adjust from year to year automatically.
  2. Hixie

    MOC not appearing in "Find sets you can build"

    https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-14603/BrickBees/the-costume-shop-alternative-to-71040/ says 100%, 2669 out of 2669.
  3. I got an e-mail from rebrickable recently telling me I had 100% of the pieces to build https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-14603/BrickBees/the-costume-shop-alternative-to-71040/ When I go to https://rebrickable.com/build/, though, regardless of what settings I give, I can't get it to come up. What gives?
  4. I don't seem to have any MOCs in my set lists.
  5. If I look at https://rebrickable.com/parts/33320/frog/ it tells me that I have three set lists that contain this part, in four colours: However, if I click on the details for each color, the numbers don't add up. It is correct for Dark Bluish Gray, Pearl Gold, and Yellow, but if I look at the details for green on https://rebrickable.com/parts/33320/frog/2/?owned=1#sets I see only Ninjago City (4 parts) and Disney Castle (2 parts), both of which are in A's Legos. It doesn't list any sets from B's Legos. Where is the 7th green frog?
  6. According to Rebrickable, 10255 (the Assembly Square) has 4009 parts and 75159 (the 2016 Death Star) has 4002. According to the Lego Shop, 10255 has 4002 parts and 75159 has 4016 parts. What gives?
  7. That doesn't work for MOCs.
  8. Since we've received legos from several people recently, we have several helicopters (the free item from the Lego shop this month). We can mark that we own three sets, but it doesn't seem possible to say that all three are built. It would be nice to be able to mark it as built three times.
  9. We have lots of sets and MOCs that are built and on display... I love the feature to be able to mark them as built, but we have many more than 10 that are built! Especially the small ones with only a few dozen parts...
  10. This would be really useful. It would also be useful to be able to say that a particular build of an official set was "on display", because some sets come with multiple sets of instructions and/or don't always use all the pieces ("spares"). So for example, I have http://rebrickable.com/sets/40138-1/christmas-train-christmas-2015 on display, but it has a gazillion spare parts that I want to consider "available".