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  1. DrKateOC

    Adding Tags to Sets

    I'm a bit confused...so power function would go under "powerfunction (9V)" and things like fiberoptics and sound would go under "9V system"? That would work for me. I use both.
  2. DrKateOC

    Adding Tags to Sets

    In fact, I've run a number of searches on my sets using search terms I would expect to work, and have come up with nothing: motor power electric 9v light What I've tried as an alternative: search for a particular part go to "my parts", where it shows which set lists the sets fall into click on the setlist, which brings me...to the set list. No indication which set contains the part. Even if that worked as expected (giving me only the set(s) containing that part), it requires me to find a *particular* part, rather than one of a category of parts that I'm looking for (e.g. as many conductive bricks as I can scrape together, of whatever variety I can find).
  3. DrKateOC

    Adding Tags to Sets

    I'm not sure why "helicopter" is a good tag, but "conductive brick" is not. I can very easily search my set collection for the word "helicopter". But searching for "conductive brick" gives me nothing.
  4. DrKateOC

    Adding Tags to Sets

    I was originally thinking of tags I'd like to apply specifically to my own sets (e.g. "kids have built", "from dad's collection", "for parts", "checked", "awesome part"), but some of them might work more generally: #power functions (i.e. sets with instructions to optionally add power functions) #polybag #fiber optics #conductive bricks #light brick #helicopter #motorcycle I've also noticed that some sets are lacking relevant tags. For example: the Guggenheim (21035) doesn't include the architecture tag the 9393 tractor doesn't include farm the 31058 T-rex doesn't include dinosaur etc... Incidentally, I'd be happy to help with updates using the existing tags, if that would be useful. It would be rude to complain without offering to help
  5. DrKateOC

    Adding Tags to Sets

    That would be fantastic! I'd love to have that feature approved!
  6. DrKateOC

    Adding Tags to Sets

    [MODERATOR NOTE] This thread started as a question about private tags, but it evolved into a discussion about general tags and it is since then used for requests for tag maintenance. Hence I have moved it from Help to Other Data. If you have a suggestion for a new (set-) tag, or sets that might need to be tagged (or un-tagged), please post them here. [END NOTE] ===== I would like to generate my own tags for sets, so that they show up in the "drill down" section on my set page. Is there still a way to do that?