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  1. macs_bricks

    Bulk part edit 504 error

    That did the trick. Thanks!
  2. Browser: Chrome 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) OS: Windows 7 enterprise. Go to the alternate build page, show the display options, click medium or small tile size (pro feature) see results.
  3. Browser: Chrome 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) OS: Windows 7 enterprise. The main parts list (in my example ) does not export the location or notes I have on my part, but it does on a single list. To reproduce: Add a note and location to a part or parts, go to main parts list, do an export, data just added is not there and it will be there if the single parts list is exported.
  4. macs_bricks

    Bulk part edit 504 error

    Have 500 parts selected, edit part location, click submit, 504 error. Browser: Chrome 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit) OS: Windows 7 enterprise. Lowered items per page to 250, does not error out, but defeats the usefulness of bulk edit. edit: does it on a page with 323 unique lots as well.
  5. macs_bricks

    Attaching angled bricks to straight ones.

    Nice looking house. Have you tried 73983, 1x4 hinge or the 3830/3831 combo?
  6. I recently marked 10261 as built in my collection, but it is still showing that I have the sticker sheet, part 39356, available for building (this is happening with other parts as well, e.g. 973pr3080c01 which I don't have any of the other sets in which it appears.
  7. macs_bricks

    Zip file of all downloads

    This suggestion applies to the downloads section of the website, it would be nice if I could download the .csv files for the DB in one zip and another for the Ldraw images.
  8. macs_bricks

    Making a list of missing parts for someone else

    @TobyMac How does cheap and Lego go together? /s
  9. macs_bricks

    Sorting on color does not work anymore

    @Eddy Do you have any grouping selected? Just a wild guess on my part.
  10. macs_bricks

    Meta data submited photo's

    It appears that the EXIF data is stripped. Source: just downloaded an image I submitted in which I didn't remove the EXIF data myself and it is not there.
  11. macs_bricks

    Weight of the MOC

    There are both technical and practical limitations to implementing what OP asked. Technically: Item 3c of the bricklink API terms of use state "You shall not...Cache or store any Content..." - what was being suggested violates that TOU. Practically: Not all parts are of a consistent weight, I just took a sample of 2x2 tiles and they weighed between .45g and .51g- so while it would be a close approximation, it potentially would be off by many grams.
  12. macs_bricks

    How do I add lost parts?

    I have tried searching the forum but have failed to find anything relevant. I don't seem to have an add part ability on my lost parts list.
  13. macs_bricks

    Can't add key chains

    I have quite a few key chains that are not in the inventory, but when I try to submit them, It fails on the adding inventory step since they do not have any parts. How do I get around this issue? I was just going to add a fake part to the set and then in the admin notes ask to have that part disassociated with the set, but that seems like more work for the admins.
  14. macs_bricks

    Option to export Set/Part name in exports.

    @Vokhev FYI, I just hacked something together, essentially I downloaded the sets inventory here: and imported it into my spreadsheet on a separate sheet, then imported my sets csv and did a vlookup on the set number. Viola, I now have a set list with names. I was going to try to use the API but thinking that @Nathan probably would not want a lot of people hitting the API that hard, I did this instead.
  15. macs_bricks

    Easy way to find parts with color errors?

    This is not for a MOC, but just my regular parts list. And I'm not sure if it is because I haven't yet submitted a MOC, but I don't see a MOC inventories tab or menu item.