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  1. case: 1 open a MOC/set page that shows that I don't have all the parts (many sets,, eg https://rebrickable.com/sets/6075-2/castle/ ) -> it shows I have 80% of parts 2 click "Build this set" 3 check missing parts section actual result -> there is "Plate 4 x 6" listed as missing 1 piece expected result: it should not be listed cause I have it 4 click this piece -> it shows I have 7 pieces of this type which proves point 3) conclusion BUT I don't have this particular colour (yellow) ! so there is probably bug related to colours in build matching options I have ignore colours option marked , yet it does not work this is very annoying bug, for example in the same set it shows I'm missing 74 x "Brick 1 x 2" while I have a ton of them so to conclude: 80% was calculated wrongly - it should be much higher it should not list "missing parts" of parts that I actually have also note: when I now add this semingly missing part/s to part list in any colour AND refresh, then it recalculated % properly and correctly does no longer show this part as missing