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  1. jbaddeley

    Help with pieces please

    Thanks so much for the advice guys... 2 months on and ive so far managed to build around 38 sets from the pile of Lego you can see at the top, after investing £100+ just on drawers im finally organised and ive sorted through pretty much all of what i had, my drawers are still FULL ive made everything i possibly can from the distinguishable parts. So my next question, where from here? should i find the parts with weird shapes ect that may only be part of a few sets, i may be able to identify where they come from and then order the parts im missing? or would it be wiser to start looking at MOCs? see what parts i have ect then see what i need, i literally still have kgs in drawers that want building into something, im not too good with the "off the top of my head" designs. any advice from here would be great cheers
  2. jbaddeley

    Possible app for parts?

    I'm not a developer but if anyone knows somebody capable of putting it together I'm sure the Lego community would chip together to get a database together, I'd imagine it could work like the Lego catalogue 3d render thing they do, but the opposite, so as the camera picks up the average sort of size and shape and match it into the database, I only thought of this as I want to list thousands of loose parts to see what mocs and sets I can build from the mountain of bits I have without literally checking every part into a list .... I'll be there for months
  3. jbaddeley

    Possible app for parts?

    Okay so I have thousands of Lego bits a peices that I have no idea which sets they're for ect, is there currently an app I can log all this into? I don't want to be typing thousands of piece numbers into the search and adding them one by one, does anyone think it would be possible to make an app that uses the camera to identify certain pieces? So say I could snap a picture of a part, the app identifys it then I can choose how many I have and add it to my list?
  4. jbaddeley

    Help with pieces please

    lol yes i agree but i would like my collection to be pure "lego" so i can work out what sets i have in the mountain of bits At the same time, i didnt think of giving them away, theyre only in a small paperbin in my office so ill probably get them all out, bag it up and do just that, thanks for the idea!
  5. jbaddeley

    Help with pieces please

    Hi Simon and thanks, yes it's around 100kg I'm thinking more like 90 as I'm weighing the bags it's equaling out to about 9 or so kg a bin bag and there's 10! Bad bit is I've already pulled about 5-700g of megablox that I have thrown so I will loose a bit of weight there too, Some lady had an attic full so I thought I would grab it while I had the chance, thanks for explaining the years ect a couple of bits I have looked at look from early 90s I remember as a kid I had a pizza shop and I've found the odd part for it, so I'm 100% some is from early 90s, there's also Alot newer stuff also, I'll try to stay updated as I get through it all, and I have made my sets public I'm not sure if it has changed yet as I haven't logged in on the pc today but I did do that when I joined the site...... Also back to the top part I've been on it all for about 4 days a few hours at a time and I'm about through 1 bag but by the sorting guide I have been reading it will take Alot longer! Thanks for the info guys will definitely take it all onboard and slowly add the sets to my profile ect, Thank you thank you thank you
  6. jbaddeley

    Help with pieces please

    Again thanks for the advice that's exactly what I was going to do after organising as much as I can, I have a mismatch of kits by the look of it, I seem to have a huge amount of flat boards ranging in size and not so many bricks, I did manage to grab a few instruction manuals with the Lego but doesn't look like I have alot of the bits, for example I have a helicopter manual, but can only find one copter blade so far, looks like I'm in for weeks of sorting Lego before I can get building
  7. jbaddeley

    Help with pieces please

    Thanks very much I've noticed numbers ect while looking for the Lego symbol on the pieces so I'll start from there, not sure I've got all the pieces to certain sets but it's definitely a start, thanks Alot for the info
  8. jbaddeley

    Help with pieces please

    Yeah I've taken a whole packet of patients pills ha, and that's what I'm doing now, I've found a few megablox bits that I have thrown away as soon as I have found them, I'm starting to organise it all into bricks, flats, single bar bricks, tiny bits like lights ect and everything that's a "specialist" bit either for specific kits or similar, any advice on how to find where parts go? I've got a couple of what I think is aeroplane fronts and a couple of tail wing bits so I'm presuming there's a plane and I've got bits that are clearly for a certain set, how do I find what set they go to so I can get the rest of the bits for the kit if im missing any, ATM it's just a massive pile of random Lego 😕
  9. jbaddeley

    Help with pieces please

    Hi there, I'm new to the site and have recently purchased around 100kg of Lego mostly classic not so much technic, I have loads of bits I'm unsure what sets they're from, I have a few bits that look like plane fronts ect, is there any sort of easy way of finding them out without posting a picture of them all, the image is just one out of ten black bags I have acquired so you can imagine how lost I am, there is the odd parts put together but I need help making sense of it all if anyone can tell me where to start it would be really appreciated! Thanks for reading