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  1. For main set inventory Rebrickable says "There are X items in this inventory, with Y total quantity", but for spare parts it only says "There are Z items in this inventory". Please show the total number of spare parts since there may be more than one part of each type.
  2. Alternatively, add a setting to set and part lists so that there would be 3 options: Used in builds. Not used in builds, appears in part summaries. Not used in builds, doesn't appear in part summaries.
  3. Please add a setting to choose whether parts from set and part lists which are not used in builds should appear in "My parts" summary on part pages and part popups.
  4. Thanks! However, it seems that submitted parts section disappeared from the submitted changes list on the front page.
  5. sheo

    Missing Design IDs

    Great, thanks!
  6. Only steps 1, 2 and 4 are present.
  7. When export is done, the wizard says "X lots added successfully", is it possible to make it say "Y lots were not added!"?
  8. Maybe add a warning that some parts were not added?
  9. I'm working on a new set, and I've already filled all the data and proceeded to step 3 to add inventory. However, whenever I open the link to this WIP set from the front page, it shows me step 1 again, which is quite annoying. Please make it remember the last saved step of WIP sets and MOCs.
  10. Apparently inventory changes in WIP sets and MOCs appear in the change log. I think that's not right, especially in case of MOCs, which shouldn't appear in any public sources until they are ready to be published.
  11. In My Part Lists this expanding form contains just a single editing field and a checkbox.
  12. sheo

    Error 404

    On the 4th step of the submit set process there is an export button which causes Error 404. This button doesn't seem critical but it's still a bug.
  13. In the part popup, if the checkbox "Spare part" is selected, the number of parts in the previous field is reset to 1. I guess this was made with good intentions, but it's actually quite confusing because the next field resets the previous one, which is supposed to be correctly filled already, and it's not easy to notice that something has changed. Remember that there may be more than one spare part of each type in some sets.
  14. For some reason part 85861 Plate Round 1 x 1 with Open Stud is shown as a mold variation of part 6141 Plate Round 1 x 1 with Solid Stud although they are not mold variations but alternate parts i.e. functionally different. According to the change log, the correct relationship was set and has not been changed since then, so it may be a bug.