7-Seater Family Car




I present you my finished MOC of a 7-seater familycar with full functions:

The model has:
- 5+ R gearbox with linkage control
- full suspension (independent McPherson with drive in front, dead trailing arm axle in the rear, design by Sheepo)
- 4-in-line transversally mounted fake engine in the front
- rigid box structure chassis
- full interior with adjustable/folding seats on all rows
- opening doors (with lock), trunk and bonnet
- parking brake (transmission lock)

I wanted the maximum available interior space for this car (that's what a family car is all about after all...), so I set myself some goals:
- no supports from bottom to roof inside interior space
- center console should be no wider than 5 studs
- front wheel drive with front engine and gearbox

I wanted to create a rigid chassis, which would not bend and is self supporting. Because I wanted as much interior space as possible, the bottom structure is only 2-3 studs high. I couldn't fit vertical frames in there (as they are 5studs high), so in the end the roof became an active part of the structure of the chassis. It is very strong and stiff, when one wheel is lifted, there is hardly any bending in the chassis, instead the opposite wheel suspension is compressed.

Here are some more pics:

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Name 7-Seater Family Car
Designer Rudivdk
Designed 2017
Inventory 3661 parts
Theme Technic
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