Inspired by LegoOri's MOC-5742.  After showing LegoOri the lxf file, he was kind enough to suggest I post this as a new MOC - Thanks again!

Modifications included moving a few parts around so that all the parts, including the extras, from kit 31042 could be used.

The Instruction files are a little different than most.  They are designed to be used with people that are new to the LEGO experience.  Flat and level on the table and the ability to look at the part from multiple directions are the primary goals.  I did manage to find the file size limit of Lego Digital Designer, so there are 3 Instruction books along with a single lxf file.

I have posted some notes about the Instructions on Bricksafe.  All comments, likes or dislikes, are welcome and appreciated.  Also posted on Bricksafe is a picture of my favorite display stand.

I do use a few extra plates and bricks for the "flat and level" part of the build.  They are NOT part of the 31042 kit and they are NOT required to complete the build, they just make it easier for beginners.  I used Bright Green pieces because there are no pieces this color in the kit - any color is acceptable.
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Name StratoPlane-02
Designer TurboRatRods
Designed 2018
Inventory 104
Theme Creator > Basic Model > Airport
Alternate Build of 31042-1 Super Soarer
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Use LEGO Digital Designer to open these files and generate step by step building instructions.

Submitted by slavich Dec. 14, 2018
Through Space
Submitted by slavich Dec. 14, 2018
Through Space