My 200th MOC
As I told about myself in my profile, I am a mathematics student, so I am very happy that my 200th MOC combines two things I love  - Math and Lego. And yes, I am aware how nerdy I sound. No, I don't mind ;)

The Quiangle Puzzle is mathematical proof - in Lego - that the number 36 is both square and triangular. the next such number is 1225, and I am not in a rush to construct that...
A number is square  if n dots can be organized in a square. for example, 4 is square: 
* *
* *

A number n is triangular if n dots can be organized in rows, each row having one more dot than the former. for example, 6 is triangular:
* *
* * *

36 is both. The model's LXF is in square form. The puzzle is how to move things around - without disconnecting anything! - so that the result is a 8x8 right-angle triangle like in the picture.
It may not be particularly hard, but it took me two days on and off, plus a few dozen sheets of paper, just to figure out how the disassembly-reassembly goes.
It is challanging to prove that this cannot be achieved only with hinge pieces. 

Enjoy Lego, Enjoy Math!
BTW, this is my second math related model, the first one is even on Ideas - I'd appreciate your support there!
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Name QuianglePuzzle
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2018
Inventory 55
Theme Technic
Gingerbread House
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