PoP 0G01-B000-T00




This is the first in a series of MOCs I plan to submit. Since I have very little creativity wiring in my brain, I have tried to come up with a system that acts as a catalyst.  I also hope these MOCs can be used as inspiration for new LEGO users regardless of their age.

I am naming the series the “PoP” series.  Short for “Push or Pull”.  Inspired by the Push Me Pull You animal in the Dr. Dolittle movie.  This idea came to me while playing with AlexdaBoss5’s MOC 9188.  The point of this series is to design a MOC that looks the same from either end.

Along the way I realized that the PoPs could be used as a starting point for other non-PoP creations. When I ran out of parts in kit 31055 that could be used in a PoP, I had a few leftovers.  By adding these leftovers to a PoP, I came up with some more conventional MOCs.  My Avatar was created this way along with a rather unique robot.  Both of which I will be posting in the future.

Feedback is always appreciated.  Positive or Negative are both acceptable, as long as it is done in a constructive manner that will help me and others to be more creative in the future.

A note about my lxf Instruction files – I normally change the color of the Transparent (Clear) pieces to Light Purple. I believe it helps to reduce eye strain.
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Name PoP 0G01-B000-T00
Designer TurboRatRods
Designed 2018
Inventory 11
Theme Creator
Alternate Build of 31055-1 Red Racer
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