31058-Romulan Warbird




Alternate #5 for 31058 -  Star Trek (TNG )Romulan Warbird

I grew up with Star Trek TNG. I am badly biased in its favour. One of the inexplicable ships is the hollowed-out Romulan Warbird. Even though I now understand that the Nacelles need to be away from the main body, It still seems like the Romulans preferred aesthetics to function. But what do I know? I am not a warp-engineer.

The ship features double-sided techniques, with the transition occurring through the double sided bricks 52107. The head is constructed via SNOT design and connected via two neck segments, putting the joint bricks to good use. The colors are not all green, but we can imagine this is a warbird refitted with some Cardassian ship parts during the Dominion War (DS9). I built with reference to the following, very helpful picture :

So you can compare if it's close enough...

My 5-year-old built this largely on his own, over an hour, and managed beautifully with all the direction changes. I am very proud of his progress, so I am stating it here for all the world to know :)

And just for kicks, here it is linked to the Nano Enterprise (they are the same scale - no cheating this time)

Enjoy, comment, build and photograph :D

Video curtsey of kitsenuk - Thank you for taking the trouble to make it!
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Name 31058-Romulan Warbird
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2018
Inventory 92 parts
Theme Space
Alternate Build of 31058-1 Mighty Dinosaurs
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