Mushroom Home Base




Find anything you need in the Minecraft Mushroom Home Base! Sleeping, crafting, brewing, trading, farming, fishing, flying, mining, killing, curing, breeding, enchanting: this is the place! Go to other dimensions via the end portal or the nether portal. Look out for zombies, silverfish, slimes, skeletons, creepers, a lava lake. Try to build an kill the wither. Profit from the beneficial radiation of the Level 4 beacon. Follow the arrows of glazed terracotta, break away bookshelves, take a ride on an armored horse, cheat death with a totem of undying. Feed beetroot to pigs, chop chorus fruit, explore an abandoned mineshaft with cave spiders, enjoy the glow of glowstone and endrods at night, mine diamonds, but don't loose them in the lava lake. Anyway, there is a lot going on.

And yeah, at the time of submission this is the largest MOC with free instructions!
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Name Mushroom Home Base
Designer Bolbuyk
Designed 2018
Inventory 24709 parts
Theme Minecraft
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