Porsche Fun Truck




Porsche Fun Truck

Yet another alternate build for the Porsche GT3-RS 42056. It's a mixture between hot rod, pickup and oldschool truck. Further images can be found at the beginning of the instructions. The model has the following features:

- steering with wheel
- front and back suspension
- 4 gears (only forwad)
- H shifting technique (unfortunately for techincal reasond I could not realize the default layout)
- differential in back axle
- 6 cylinder boxer fake engine (actually 180 degree V6)
- doors can be opened and closed
- hood can be opened and hold with an axle as well as closed
- platform can be tilt with a crank using multiple gears with undercut
- tailboard can be opend and closed

Future Plans

I would love to further improve the overall appearence. I tried a lot of things for realizing cool fenders but I rejected all solutions because I was not happy with them. Maybe someone of you comes up with a cool idea.
Further details, such as, driving mirrors, or lights on the roof could be interesting. A version with a lower platform (more hot rod like) seems to be also possible.

The gear lever can be rotated, which is sometimes anyoing. I will try to fix this.

For some of the yellow axle connectors one could also use the orange ones (especially for the visible). This would even better fit with the overall color scheme. There are also further minor cosmetic improvements planned.

One could shorten the axle in the front, which is connected to the engine. Instead one could add here further gears and axles from the bottom to realize a hand of god steering. This requires to integrate a small hole in the hood.
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Name Porsche Fun Truck
Designer nobsta
Designed 2018
Inventory 1393 parts
Theme Technic
Alternate Build of 42056-1 Porsche 911 GT3 RS
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