Borderlands Outrunner




I present my Lego Technic version of the Outrunner from Gearbox Software's Borderlands Series.
With its uniquely designed chassis and suspension system it was certainly a challenge to build both in functions and aesthetics.
Working only with screenshots and a rendered image I found from 100seedlesspenguins, I tried to build the Outrunner as close to the 'real thing' as possible, and I think I achieved this.

-Working suspension on each wheel
-Front wheels can be manually turned for steering
-HOG control at rear for the gun turret
-Modular sections for easy colour swapping
-Can fit a 58119 battery box in the rear if needed
-It looks great on display
-Takes care of Skags and Psychos with ease

Pieces: 2103. Size: 57 studs long, 40 studs wide, 28 studs high. Weight: 1.95kg. Possibly around 1/9 scale.

It is built in 20 modular sections so colours can be swapped out easily without too much effort or additional instructions.

Additional colour combinations (all pictured above):
Black: all pieces exist in black so can be built 100%

White: all pieces available in white except for 17x 42003 Axle and Pin connector 3L with 2 pin holes. These can all be swapped for black.

Yellow: the most expensive colour, almost all parts are available except 2x 11458 plate 1x2 with pin hole on top which can be swapped for dark bluish gray, and 5x each of 11947 and 11946 Panel #21 & #22 very small smooth. These can all be swapped for black or dark bluish gray.
This option can also be made cheaper using 8 each of the old school 32190 #1 and 32191 #2 panels in place of the rarer 44352 #22 and 44353 #23 panels.

Orange/black combo: a fair few parts are unavailable in orange but all can be swapped for black and/or dark bluish gray.

Would also probably look great with camouflage style stickers over black

The build also contains 4 of the rare and expensive 48912 11.5L shock absorbers.
There is 2 replacement options, both have instructions included:
- 4x 11L dark bluish gray beams. This pretty much removes the shock absorber function entirely, but is a great option for display.
- Alternative shock absorber build using 4 additional 76537 6.5L shock absorbers. This option retains some of the shock absorber function. Only requires an extra 36 common parts.

Instructions are a 353 page, 408 step PDF and a smaller 104 page pdf for the alternate suspension build. Both in standard Lego instruction book style plus image rendering, both made using 2.

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Name Borderlands Outrunner
Designer dillonm
Designed 2018
Inventory 2103 parts
Theme Technic
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