4506 Pristicon superior




The remarkable thing about this build is that without having much practice and this being my first alternate of this set the whole construction only took two iterations, which I had not expected. I started with the head and added the legs and arms next. The reason for this was that the torso didn't have to be fancy. It just had to work. This was because I had no clue how things would work out. For the arms and legs I had a pretty good idea what parts I wanted to use so I aimed to keep things at a minimum so I would have sufficient parts left for the torso. For the torso I started with the lower section because it needed to connect to the legs the best as possible as the upper section would have more freedom. For the upper section of the torso I made a layout and filled it up, adding a decent cover at the front and back. The result looked pretty decent, but I still had quite some parts left. The upper torso was too flat in comparison with the other body parts, the legs were too short and the arms too long. The next iteration required some reordering to correct the proportions. The upper torso required some puzzling. I had plenty of parts but I wanted to make it look as good as possible. After I was done I looked at the result and saw that the proportions were all now correct and the robot looked quite good. Over the next few hours I mostly spent time prettying up the design, improving color schemes if possible and making minor improvements. I still had some parts left and managed to create a lasergun and a (somewhat crude) blaster that can actually be attached to the hands. Both can also be properly attached to the back of the torso.

As this set actually contains three very different models it has a wide range of colors. Fortunately there are alternate builds as part of this set which use a mix of the three models so the lego designers have been so kind to choose colors that all work well together. So despite the hotchpotch of colors and not much of a color scheme the final result looks good. What amazes me most is that I've been able to construct a well-shaped robot using most of the parts of the set and that it didn't take that much effort. I think this is an excellent model that looks stunning, considering that it is based on a sea creatures set.

Those who know the other designer sets of that year will see similarities to 4508 Titan XP, which is a robot model. I was certainly inspired by its design to see how far I could get. The 4506 set has many hinge parts similar to the 4508 set so I knew I could make some kind of robot. Of course the 4508 set has been designed to create a well-formed robot. In my model I could not cover up certain sections and not all sections are nicely finished off, but these are only minor flaws. Keeping it standing up is not easy, but just the right plates are left over (if you refrain from adding them to the blaster) to attach the lower torso so that the legs are more stable, although it's still far from perfect.
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Name 4506 Pristicon superior
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 346 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4506-1 Deep Sea Predators
Old Trafford
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