4506 King crab




The idea for a crab has been in the back of my head while working on alternates of other sets. In those I lacked sufficient hinge parts to make a recognizable crab. That should not be the case with this set which contains a huge amount of various hinge parts. The only problem is that it falls short several times on a single part to make it perfect. In this case the claws are not positioned in the traditional way because I had to use a hinge part that moves perpendicular to the direction I wanted as there are only three of those in the set, instead of the four I needed. Nevertheless it is a minor flaw because otherwise the claws are nicely symmetric. The other sections are the legs. For the outer leg extension I had five instead of six parts but in this case I used another part to mask the flaw. A crab can be a bit battered. The body was quite troublesome to get right. The issues involved creating a solid construct to attach the hinge parts for the legs and getting the right sloped parts where I wanted them and and creating shell on top. I had to use a combination of plates and bricks to fill up the bottom and interior. The set has many inverted slopes but far few regular slopes. It has six large curved corner slopes, but very few to put in between. Fortunately crabs come in many shapes and forms so there is sufficient freedom to make it work out alright. This particular crab has a bit of a tail and a head. This was mainly because I lacked the bricks to make it works out as I wanted and the hinge brick for the claws is so large that I wanted something of a head to mask it to some extent. Both remain fairly small so I think its alright. The weakest section of the crab are the eyes which are fairly flimsily attached to the head. The body is also pretty heavy so that the hinge parts of the legs easily fall flat if you move it around too much but overall it holds up well enough.

Getting any decent color scheme with such a large sized crab (it really is quite big) is impossible but I think I managed to order things fairly consistently so the result looks quite alright. What I am most satisfied about is that the model looks really like a crab. Compared to earlier models I made to look like lobsters and turtles this one fits the bill quite well.
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Name 4506 King crab
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 242 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4506-1 Deep Sea Predators
Old Trafford
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