4506 Deep sea turtle




It is a relatively small step from a crab to a turtle as they share a similar body shape. To make sure things were different I turned the shape a quarter clockwise and made it a bit wider. I would need that anyway to be able to add the head and tail. I already have quite a bit of practice with regard to creating tortoises and turtles. In this case I wanted to make a sea turtle because the legs were also in my head. The main problem of making the body larger than that of the King Crab was that I already had trouble filling that one. To solve that issue I needed to organize the bricks inside in such a way that they could hold a layer of plates so that it would not be obvious how it was constructed. A second problem was that I had to put the legs on certain locations so they would be positioned logically. This set has either several or single large sloped bricks and few small ones. There are however plenty inverse sloped bricks so I did a bit of trickery to get the result I wanted. Covering the body sufficiently with a large shell was not possible so I went for a more ridge-backed shell. Fortunately turtles come in many variations. Once I was done there were relatively few further improvement. I had quite a few parts left but few were useful. I used most to fill up the body where there was still space left. The result looks quite good and fairly similar to typical sea turtles. The color scheme is of course a bit of a mess but I think I managed to make it work out by grouping colors together. Strangely enough I have to admit I like the other turtles/tortoises I made much more, but maybe that is because they look like strange experimental versions and not one so generic as this one.
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Name 4506 Deep sea turtle
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 181 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4506-1 Deep Sea Predators
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