4506 Siamese cruiser




This model actually consists of three builds of which two are very similar and the third allows you to connect the other two together to form one supership. One could also consider the third build to be a fuelling or maintenance ship. Either way, separating the model into three builds separate builds felt like cheating and I like it when you can create multiple things from one set. This set has three default builds as a standard so it is nice to be able to adhere to that. Obviously one would think that a set designed for creatures would not easily allow spaceships or submersibles, especially as this set lacks traditional engines and cockpits, but one can, with a little bit of imagination, transform transparent reflectors into cockpits and mother-connectors into something that looks a lot like engines if you keep them detached. The original idea for the two similar high speed ships followed from the Ocean Carrier model in which I created two small submersibles. What if I utilized the available parts to make large submersibles? In this case I moved the cockpits on top so I could use the long curved slopes most effectively. There aren't enough identical parts to make exact duplicates, but I made sure I stayed close enough so it would almost seem just a slight color scheme variation to distinguish the two builds. Obviously there are more differences, but they are not that quick to spot. After that I had still quite some parts left, including the other hinge connectors. Trying to construct something feasibly actually took most of the time because the available parts were very limited. In the end I managed to create something of a third ship. The two twin ships can be connected in various ways to the third ship, allowing a lot of playability. I am quite pleased with the result.
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Name 4506 Siamese cruiser
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 247 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4506-1 Deep Sea Predators
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