4506 Terror scorpion




Conceptually a scorpion is a distant cousin of a spider, albeit with a long tail, claws and a more elongated body. Often you will however lack a combination of those elements. Fortunately this set has sufficient parts to pull it off. The only trouble is the body. I like to have the legs in a natural position so it looks more dynamic. This does require a puzzle using the plates to attach them strongly enough while keeping them movable. With the spider I had managed to pull it off so I followed a similar path to make it work for the body of the scorpion. This did mean that it would be a stocky body but then again I haven't seen many official lego scorpions following the traditional shape either. Before I started on the body I wanted to make sure the most striking sections used up the parts they needed. First was the tail, which was easy, and next the legs. I made them a bit larger and scarier than normal, which was because I don't like copying what I did for the King Crab or Monster Spider and always try to invent a different variation. In this case the legs are a mix of both and provide some nice consistency although a solid color scheme is impossible. I actually did the claws last because those mainly need special parts which I didn't expect to need for the body. Although the body may look fairly similar to the Monster Spider the interior is very different. I didn't want such large claws like the King Crab and not the small ones of the Monster Spider. Again I created something in the middle with some fun additions of my own invention, which was mainly done because I simply didn't have the parts I really needed. A scorpion has pretty much nothing of a head, which made things easy as I didn't know how to do something better. Even so, I am very pleased with the result. Despite the stocky body it is clearly a scorpion. While legs may look flimsy the body is now less heavy so the model can actually stand on them, if you refrain from using too much pressure. Perhaps I will try to see if I can do a version with an elongated body, but this one works fine for me.
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Name 4506 Terror scorpion
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 214 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4506-1 Deep Sea Predators
Old Trafford
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