75886/75889 Ferrari 488 GT3/E Mod




Speed Champions’ Ferrari models all look like they're missing their back-ends, so I've added a stud of wheelbase and a few other updates to this hybrid of the 75886 GT3 & 75889 GTE builds. The extra length helps the proportions and provides space for a lower rear roof and deck. There’s also some room for engine detail tucked inside.

Modifications include:
Extended wheelbase to stretch out the proportions
Lower rear deck and revised roofline
Plate-built engine visible under rear glass.

Shown in Dark Blue, however the car is buildable in most colorways with a few minor alterations.
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Name 75886/75889 Ferrari 488 GT3/E Mod
Designer prototyp
Designed 2018
Inventory 197 parts
Theme Speed Champions
Modification of 75889-1 Ferrari Ultimate Garage


  • 2 months ago pohedman Level 10
    Great mod, it really improved the looks. Your version is standing at the opposite end of the shelf from the original. :-)
  • 1 year, 1 month ago zeeverse Level 14 MOC Designer
    It really does look a lot better with the extra attention you gave to the rear end. I used to be into Lego Racers, specifically TTs, but I did buy into Speed Champions when they released the Ford Rally Car. Not every release appeals to me, but I do really like what Lego is trying to do here. I've been so focused on getting my System 1 built up, that I haven't paid much attention to some of the non-mainstream themes. I think your mod is good enough to be a MOC, with a heavy inspiration to the original Ferrari release. It can be amazing what a critical eye seeing a one stud change and a more accurate rear construction did for the new design. It looks fantastic, imho. Are you going to leave it as a road car and badge it, or are you going to sticker it out for a particular race team? Just curious. Thanks for letting me see it (hits "like" button).
    • 1 year ago prototyp Level 15 Designed this MOC
      Thank you. I appreciate your comments... I've done some similar updates to the new Senna and am working on the F40. That said, I just did a whirlwind build of a dozen or so Speed Champions across most of the releases and have to say, this year's sets are very, very good. (Here's my blog post with some photos and notes: http://prototyp.co/works/2019/02/speed-champ-athon-buildstravaganza.html)

      I really miss the TT series. It ended just when the really good small parts started becoming available. It would be very interesting to see what Lego could be doing now if they had continued... It's a bit singular in focus, but I did do a massive build of Le Mans cars a few years ago in TT scale. You might appreciate this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/prototyp/27137063984/in/dateposted-public/
      • 1 year ago zeeverse Level 14 MOC Designer
        I think I saw your post on here with with the Senna mod?. So far, I have the Rally Car (and would really like to moc a shelf buddy for it), I just bought the Senna, and the Ferrari 488 GT3, and am picking up the F40, and now this year's Camaro after seeing an ALT build that I now want to do to that car. I often wonder if Lego was getting some pressure to pull TTs because they were infringing on the "small" toy line (matchbox cars and Hot Wheels here in US, but there are other countries doing those as well) markets. I thought the TTs were awesome with cool packaging (that could have been 1/2 the size). I have about 8 more of them to add to my collection of 8 that I missed out on, but they are still too pricey on the used market for what they were. I saw your LeMans work on flickr--very impressive! A good sticker-making machine and you'd have some amazing looking mini-mocs. TTs are what got me interested in modeling at the 4-wide scale, and you are right, the parts nowadays make 4-wide modeling even more awesome. You can check out some of my mocs at the 4-wide--a little different than TTs, but a similar concept.
  • 1 year, 1 month ago Shandyman Level 18
    WoW Great build in blue, impressive looks! Well done!
  • 1 year, 1 month ago TurboRatRods Level 32 MOC Designer PRO
    Great mods!  Beautiful car!  Thanks for sharing.
    • 1 year, 1 month ago prototyp Level 15 Designed this MOC
      Cheers, enjoy. I have a few more SC mods to come, watch this space.
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