Weight-Booster - based on Boost 17101 Creative Toolkit




For a long time I was thinking about what to do with the tilt sensor of the Boost-Set. A mechanical scale seems to be a decent application to teach simple mechanics and the center of gravity.

Now Available on Amazon: Book with instructions and detailed programming guide for all my 6 Boost-Models:
English: Link to Amazon
German: Link to Amazon 

This model contains some learnings about measurement and control systems as well as cybernetics. To efficiently reach equilibrium the MOVE-Hub starts with larger movements which it refines after each passing over the point of equilibrium. 
All parts are contained in the Lego Boost Set 17101.
The download includes the Lego style building instructions, instructions on how to code the program and how to calibrate the system.
There is still some room to improve the program and experiment on your own.
I hope you will enjoy it.

V2.0 Dec 9, 2019 Updated to Expert book model version  

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Name Weight-Booster - based on Boost 17101 Creative Toolkit
Designer Bundy
Designed 2019
Inventory 165 parts
Theme Technic
Alternate Build of 17101-1 Creative Toolbox
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