4506 Whirl Cruiser & Geminator




The first model was the Whirl Cruiser. It began with the rotating head as I was playing with ideas. From there I wanted to see what I could build around it. This quickly followed with the decision to use a double set of wings next to the head. This seemed like the way to go. From there I gradually extended the build. I wanted to keep a decent color scheme and avoid using some of the colors, so I decided to not extend the model much beyond the wings. There was however a bit of gap and I thought it might be interesting to use the hinge plates. After that I finished the main body before I played with ideas to expand the hinge plates. As these were on the edge of the tip of the wings I had to build something backwards. As this would weaken any construction I had to reinforce it while still making it look good. With that done I was satisfied with the result. A bit of an odd model but it has plenty of charms.

For the Whirl Cruiser I had not used any of the transparent reflectors so I thought I could perhaps make another model from the remaining parts, which would focus on light grey and red parts. There were still some wing plates left but oddly enough I did not use them as such at the start. At first it started similar to the Hunter model, so I looked for a way to do something very different. I used the sideways plates to shape the outside but the inside was still open. What I did next was trying to fill up the open part behind the front section, step by step fitting in parts that would form a nice shape. The two outer sections and the central one were not very strong and could easily fall off so I started looking for a way to connect them. That took some time to figure out as the sideways plates had shifted the outer sections for half a plate width and there seemed to be no parts that could cross that gap until I realized I had another pair of sideways plates. I only needed to find the right spot to fit them in. Once I had succeeded in adding them the model had become very strong. After that I improved the design where I could, changing some parts here and there. I did not have much of an idea of what kind of model it was supposed to be and what kind of name would be fitting. Geminator is simply a word I derived from a word I found.

I like being able to create multiple good-looking models from one set as it improves the playability. This pair consists of two very different models but they should be able to operate in the same environment.
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Name 4506 Whirl Cruiser & Geminator
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 221 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4506-1 Deep Sea Predators
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