10246 - The Highlander Bar - alternat Building for Detective’s Office




The Highlander Bar, is my alternate building for the 10246 - Detective’s Office

The Bar have 2 floors and a detailed interior.
On the ground floor there is a bar area, a restroom and a kitchen with a sliding door  and a serving hatch.
On the first floor there is a little relaxation area, a small office and a hollywood swing on the balcony.
And on the roof, a advertising for beer of corse :-).
All you need for this build are the parts (including the Spare Parts) from set 10246

You get a 212 page building instruction as a PDF.

Free extension:
Check the free extension for the Highlander Bar:
(With the extra floor the Modular building get the same height as the official modular buildings.)

Don't miss the mirror-challenge:
Build The Highlander Bar mirrored and it will fit very well with the parisian restaurant
See some samples:
(at the moment there is no instruction for this version, maybe in the future)

Enjoy the MOC -> and never stop Building

For more pictures check bricksafe:

Check out my other Modular Buildings:
The Highlander Bar extensions
The Jeweler

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Name 10246 - The Highlander Bar - alternat Building for Detective’s Office
Designer bohauda
Designed 2019
Inventory 1890 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 10246-1 Detective’s Office
Old Trafford


  • 2 months, 2 weeks ago jantechnic Level 6
    Hello ,
    Verry nice model ,one question ,can you build the extra floor with parts from the Lego set 10246 ,or do you need extra parts for this one .
    Thanks .
  • 8 months, 3 weeks ago Lenny Level 12 MOC Designer
    one of the best alternative builds ever
  • 8 months, 3 weeks ago PWHH Level 12
    Very nice alternative Model. Especially with the additional floor extension.
  • 9 months ago buddah8640 Level 11 PRO

    Mad props to the designer!!!! This was a great build and I cannot wait to add the extension!!!
    • 9 months ago bohauda Level 9 Designed this MOC PRO
      thank you very much and of course a lot of fun with the extension
  • 11 months, 2 weeks ago fgee Level 12 MOC Designer
    I like the Hollywood swing. Lovely detail :-)
  • 11 months, 4 weeks ago jncraton Level 20 MOC Designer
    This is beautiful! I would be impressed with this if it were not an alternate model, but the fact that you built something so detailed and cohesive with such a constrained set of parts is incredible. Nice work!
    • 11 months, 3 weeks ago bohauda Level 9 Designed this MOC PRO
      Many many thanks for the compliments
  • 11 months, 4 weeks ago sir.hiss Level 5 MOC Designer
    That's so cool. I have the Detectives Office set. It's cool to see what else you can build with it.
    • 11 months, 4 weeks ago bohauda Level 9 Designed this MOC PRO
      Many Thanks! I'm glad if you like it!
  • 12 months ago VJG_Kenneth Level 5 MOC Designer
    Great Work!!!!

    • 12 months ago bohauda Level 9 Designed this MOC PRO
      Many many thanks for the advertising!
      (even if I do not quite understand them :-)
      • 12 months ago frozenkuku Level 10
        overall all positive except the last conclusion says this building is shorter than other modulars
        so he suggest to put it as corner building
  • 12 months ago frozenkuku Level 10
    mind to put your build next to any modular buildings so we can have a look how well it fits the group?
  • 12 months ago zeeverse Level 14 MOC Designer
    After seeing the original model and your Alternate, I tip my hat. They look like two different sets. Fun theme too!
    • 12 months ago bohauda Level 9 Designed this MOC PRO
      Thanks for the compliment, it pleases me when you like it!
  • 12 months ago boochydog Level 12
    You had me at beer. Nice!!
    • 12 months ago bohauda Level 9 Designed this MOC PRO
      thank you! 😀 (yea it was a little challenge only with the available parts)
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