10246 - The Highlander Bar extensions




10246 - The Highlander Bar extensions

This is an extra floor for the Highlander Bar.
Check out the basic building The Highlander Bar:
The floor includes a small apartment, with an seperatet entrance.
(Including a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a restroom)

With this extra floor the Modular building has now the same height as the official modular Buildings.

The extra floor is intentionally a seperated moc. So it's possible to build the basic building only with the parts of 1x10246 set.
If you would build the building including this extension you need some extra parts.
I uploaded a Bricklink XML on bricksafe with the missing Parts.
If you have 1x10246 + the missing Parts you have all what you need for the basic building including the extra Floor
(Of corse its also possible to build them with 2 sets of 10246 but then there are many parts left over)

Don't miss the mirror-challenge:
Build The Highlander Bar mirrored and it will fit very well with the parisian Restaurant
See some samples:
(at the moment there is no instruction for this version, maybe in the future ;-)

Enjoy the extension -> and never stop Building

For more pictures check bricksafe:

Check out my other Modular Buildings:
The Highlander Bar
The Jeweler
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Name 10246 - The Highlander Bar extensions
Designer bohauda
Designed 2019
Inventory 903 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 10246-1 Detective’s Office
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