Basic Car Chassis with Adjustable Ride Height




This is a large car chassis that I started working on and never finished. I thought I'd share it as I probably won't use it again.

- 4wd capable
- 4 wheel steering capable
- front and rear ride height adjustable (bit over 3 studs) plus full suspension travel at any height
- possible to make each wheel individually height adjustable
- easy to change mid frame for longer or shorter chassis
- about 1/8 scale: 63 studs long, 25 wide, 12 high. Weight 600g/21.2oz

Despite not having much inner frame it's actually quite sturdy as is, but you're probably better off building your own.

The front and rear assemblies are both identically built so can be put together at the same time. Would be possible to link them up for a 6 or 8 wheel vehicle without much difficulty.
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Name Basic Car Chassis with Adjustable Ride Height
Designer dillonm
Designed 2019
Inventory 413 parts
Theme Technic
Old Trafford
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