Auto-Moto Parts & Accessories (10264 Corner Garage Alternate Model Modular)




Rebuild the 10264 Corner Garage set as a new modular! The Auto-Moto Parts & Accessories modular uses only parts found in 10264 Corner Garage and presents a fresh option to use parts from the set when you become bored of the official look.
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The Auto-Moto Parts & Accessories modular is a 32 stud wide building with 2 fully furnished floors (a store and an appartment) and an extra mid-floor to increase the height of the building.

Upon purchase, you will receive manually adjusted and collated PDF instructions, as well as a model if you prefer a digital approach. The model is properly grouped into submodels for easy disassembly.

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Name Auto-Moto Parts & Accessories (10264 Corner Garage Alternate Model Modular)
Designer Huaojozu
Designed 2019
Inventory 2190 parts
Theme Modular Buildings
Alternate Build of 10264-1 Corner Garage
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