31088 Sonic Mech




Alternative build of Lego Creator set 31088, Deep Sea Creatures.

This build features an anime-inspired mech with a marine touch to it. It consists of a heavy crab's claw-like arm on one side and a shield-wielding arm on the other. The whole build is heavily focused on articulation especially for shoulders and arms.

Many thanks to Toshihiko Tanaka and his build "Samehada" for inspiring this creation. Check out his build here

Please visit my Flickr album for more photos:
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Name 31088 Sonic Mech
Designer LegoMechable
Designed 2019
Inventory 199 parts
Theme Creator > Mecha
Alternate Build of 31088-1 Deep Sea Creatures


  • 9 months ago Abokado Level 16 MOC Designer
    looks great. and wide range of limb articulation.  great job.
  • 9 months ago XperiMent Level 25 MOC Designer PRO
    Wow, this is perfect, I looked at the thumbnail and I knew it's with the Deep Sea Creatures but I couldn't believe it :)
  • 9 months ago LegoOri Level 29 MOC Designer PRO
    This is brilliant. So off the original theme, and looks so good and convincing. The techniques look really interesting too!
    • 9 months ago LegoMechable Level 11 Designed this MOC
      Thanks!! Tried my best to give this build good joints for posing. It was a great challenge :)
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