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Hello. I've built a desktop fan in a Technic style. This device has all features of a real cooling fan:
  • three gears changed by keys coupled with each other and with an idle gear,
  • a lever for locking / unlocking left-right rotation,
  • an adjustable position of a propeller in a vertical direction.

Moreover, it has an automatic mode (the XL motor and the typical battery box inside).

Light and dark bluish grey parts are used inside and in a protective net. A yellow frame joins the three gears and the idle gear together. Bases of all buttons are red. The fan can be built in other colours (I've managed to rebuild it in black - see below): all white parts except two Technic Driving Ring Connector must be replaced. The rest of white Technic Driving Ring Connectors can be replaced with Technic Axle and Pin Connectors Angled #2.

VERY IMPORTANT: you will have to create three non-LEGO elements, the blades of a propeller. Prepare several sheets of thicker paper, scissors, a pencil and a needle.

At the end of my instruction I've prepared two appendices:
  • appendix 1: list of parts for a desktop fan without the casing and the protective net;
  • appendix 2: list of parts for a desktop fan without the protective net.

The version without casing and the protective net is possible to create for all Technic collectors if they can create a yellow frame in the step 1 (which mainly consists of non-Technic bricks) - the interior is created with typical parts in a reasonable amount.

The version of the desktop fan without the protective net is a proposition for one who don't want to collect a great amount of angle connectors creating this net.
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Name Desktop fan
Designer --pg--
Designed 2019
Inventory 4348 parts
Theme Technic
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