Walking Chair




Introducing the walking chair, the most comfortable and prestigious way of getting from place A to place B! Have you always wanted to go outside, fill your lungs with fresh air and discover the world, but couldn't get yourself out of you oh so comfortable chair? The only solution: your chair needs legs. That simple idea will start a revolution, because it lead to our latest product. The Walking Chair - the next step in sitting. Providing a comfortable, adjustable and aesthetic chair, it suits all of your sitting needs. And with strong, maneuverable legs, easy but tight controls and all the storage space you'll ever need, it is ready to take you anywhere. Don't let anything stop you. Not the weather, for an umbrella is included. Not the terrain, for it's legs are tested for the hardest conditions. And especially not your laziness. You don't even have to walk on your way back from the store. You only have to get out of chair once, and that's now.

Or maybe it's just my latest alternate model... An entry for the Bricklink vehicle alternate competition, I wanted to do something different and worked with a non-vehicle set: 31019 Forest Animals. No wheels, no windscreens, no wings... it brings your creativity out. My main goal was to make it a pleasing model, and I think I succeded by using the curved bricks to their maximum and keeping the colors reasonably separated. The details aren't absent, with some engine greebles, controls, and an umbrella. And please forgive my silliness with this presentation. But the model ended up looking classy enough to inspire this Nespresso-esque style of 'advertizing'.
I hope you enjoy my model. Don't forget to check out what amazing models my fellow-contestants came up with for the Bricklink MOC competition! Do more with your sets!
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Name Walking Chair
Designer BEAVeR
Designed 2015
Inventory 116 parts
Theme Creator
Alternate Build of 31019-1 Forest Animals
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