Us Truck with 32 speed gearbox fully remote controlled




Hi rebrickable-community,
here is my last moc for the year and it's a generic US based truck. The Special thing why I built this Truck, was to see if Lego could power a 32 Speed gearbox. (to be specific 24 foreward Speeds and 8 backward Speeds, separeted into a 6+2R gearbox and a simple 4 Speed gearbox). Here's a photo:
Further remoted-controlled functions include:
  • Driving with working fake 6 cylinder engine via two XL-motors
  • Main gearbox via one M-Motor
  • Second gearbox via another M-Motor
  • Steering with working steering wheel via one M-Motor
  • Diskbrakes on all wheels via a M-Motor

Manual functions are:
  • Opening Doors with locks
  • Opening side flaps of the engine 

The model is built completely modular so you can easy separate the gearbox and the Body-work from the Chassis.

Again, I've created computer generated Instructions, but this time they aren't free because they were very hard work. Here is a sample:
It's possible to add Lights to the truck. If you want to, look at the Building instructions and at the photos at my bricksafe:

Credit to Sheepo for the gearbox lay-out.

Have fun!


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Name Us Truck with 32 speed gearbox fully remote controlled
Designer B4
Designed 2019
Inventory 2814 parts
Theme Technic > Model
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