UPDATE: I found quite a few issues with the instructions. Be sure to take the errata below into account. Also make sure you use the parts list as presented on this page, not the parts list in the instructions. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully Thorsten Spelz is willing to update the instructions.

Errata (p=page, s=step, ss=substep):
- p10/s6: Mount the 2 4x2-liftarms to the 9L liftarm from s5 with 2 additional 2L pins with friction
- p12/s5-6: Replace the 4 horizontally oriented 2L thin liftarms - 2 from s5 and 2 from s6 - by 2 2L (+0)-liftarms
- p13/s29: Flip all 6 3L pins
- p14/s31: This step should be postponed and merged with p108/s36
- p22/s10: Replace thin 12t bevel gear with half bush
- p22/s12: Replace half bush with thin 12t bevel gear
- p27/s26: Swap half bush and thin 12t bevel gear
- p38/s4: Slide 2 extra bushes along the front ends of the 8L axles upto the 4x2 liftarms
- p38: Insert p46/s1-4 and p48/s1-4 between s6 and s7, see also p47/s24 and p49/s26
- p40/s3: Insert 4L axle with middle stop into U-joint by 80%, not by 50% (see inset below)
- p40/s10: Slide an extra half bush to the center of the 4L axle
- p43/s3: Insert 4L axle with middle stop into U-joint by 80%, not by 50% (see inset below)
- p43/s10: Slide an extra half bush to the center of the 4L axle
- p47/s24: Skip, p46/s1-4 should have been inserted at p38
- p49/s26: Skip, p48/s1-4 should have been inserted at p38
- p52/s4: Use 5L liftarm instead of 7L liftarm
- p54/s34, p54/s35, p58/s2: Do these steps only after p59/s39
- p54/s36, p56/s37, p56/s2: Do these steps only after p57/s38
- p60: Between s40 and s41 insert this step
- p62: Between s44 and s45 insert this step
- p68/s62: Use additional 2L pin to make sure second sub-sequence mirrors first sub-sequence
- p74/s5: Replace 6 backwards facing 3/4 pins with backwards facing 1/2 pins
- p85/s6: Drop the 2 bushes
- p88/s7: Replace 3/4 pins with 1/2 pins
- p89/s11: Insert 4L axle with middle stop into U-joint by 80%, not by 50% (see inset below)
- p95/s7: Replace 3/4 pins with 1/2 pins
- p96/s11: Insert 4L axle with middle stop into U-joint by 80%, not by 50% (see inset below)
- p103/s7: Leave out 2L pins
- p105/s15/ss5: Swap half bush and thin 12t bevel gear
- p107/s59: Swap 12t and 20t bevel gears
- p112/s19: Add additional half bush adjacent to 12t bevel gear
- p113/s38: Use 2 long pins with stop bush (32054) to mount rear side of engine


Thanks to a tremendous effort by Thorsten Spelz I'm very happy to present full blown building instructions for the Steppenwolf. It's advisable to also read the directions on the buidling directions page while buidling from these instructions. These building instructions can also be used when you're interested in the seats only, in the front suspension or rear suspension only or in the chassis only.

The Steppenwolf combines a rigid chassis with 4-wheel-drive, Ackermann steering, active camber angle, caster angle, kingpin inclination, 4 stud suspension travel and 5 stud clearance (with 94.8 x 44 R balloon tire).

The model has been built up from three main modules; the front module, the center module and the rear module. These main modules incorporate the complete drive train, including front axles, rear axles and (5+R) gearbox. The gearbox is based on Boratko's 5+R AWD gearbox and has been extended with a center differential lock. The platform has been completed with three secondary modules; a v12 engine, a steering console and finally two car seats that can move and tilt. The engine can be placed at the front or at the back of the chassis when the body is removed. The seats have been inspired by the car seats as can be found in Nathanaƫl Kuipers' Concept 4x4 and have been extended with the ability to move back and forth.

Both front and rear suspension are independent and based on the double wishbone concept with a longitudinal torsion bar attached to the lower wishbone.

Here's a link to another video.
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Name Steppenwolf
Designer Didumos
Designed 2016
Inventory 2582
Theme Technic
Gingerbread House
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