5893 Toyota Hilux and Jet




This is my 5893 Toyota Hilux and Jet, my first alternate/s for 5893! I started out with the pickup truck, which features opening doors and hood, a woking winch, and a removable bed topper. Then, I had so many extra pieces left over I thought I would build a second model. I ended up with the jet, which features a complex design, moveable tail wings, and a huge jet engine at the back. (I got the idea to build a second model out of the extra parts from TeagueO.) I really enjoyed building these mocs, and I hope you will too!

*The winch brick is not available on LDD, so I represented it with 2 light gray 2x4s and a 2x2 square plate. The black 2x6 w/ holes in it and 2 gray 1x6 tiles are to go in the little slot in the roof. You pull the winch out, then press these pieces like a button, and the winch will retract. Also, on the plane, the blue "Ls" with the orange lights and gray 1x1s connect to the blue 2x2 plates and hold the gray arch pieces on the side of the plane in place. I hope this was clear enough for you to build it. If not, I can clarify anything you need in the comments. I think it will help when I get better pics on here too.

Please feel free to comment on this or any of my other mocs. Thanks! TURBO

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Name 5893 Toyota Hilux and Jet
Designer Turbo8702
Designed 2017
Inventory 591 parts
Theme Creator
Alternate Build of 5893-1 Offroad Power
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