Neo-Classic Space Mars research center




Hi folks!
Year 2090.
The colonization of the planet Mars is a reality. To develop an autosufficent civilization is important to find a solution to recreate the flora in the planet. So, here it is the botanical research center.
It consist in a laboratory, four greenhouses (temperate forest, tropical forest, crops and fruit plants), a control room, a meeting room and some services.
Each minifig colour represent its division:
- green: laboratory;
- blue: supervisor;
- red: forests greenhouses;
- yellow: crops;
- black: fruit plants greenhouse;
- white: technics;
- grey: director.
The model it is not a 100% neo classic space theme, I've changed some colour scheme due to the lack of yellow trasparent pieces; also, we're in Mars not on the moon! ;)
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Name Neo-Classic Space Mars research center
Designer zazavolley
Designed 2017
Inventory 6791 parts
Theme Space
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