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  • 2 weeks, 6 days ago MOCrockets Level 10 MOC Designer
    Hi.  We had this problem at first too.  Then we tried a bunch of different 4x4 round brick pieces and multiple 1x1 cone pieces.  Eventually we found a combination of 9 cones and one round brick that worked.  Not ideal.  Definitely you could glue them!  I have heard that a little fingernail polish - probably diluted with water - should be able to dissolve the plastic enough to make it sticky.  Let me know how that works.   I have a PhD in chemistry - from MIT! - so I should be able to figure that out,,,If only I had some spare time!
  • 3 weeks ago MOCrockets Level 10 MOC Designer
    Thanks for your purchase and for the positive comments!   Yes, in particular those payload fairing pieces at top are pricey,  In the comments of our other Falcon MOCs you can find non-Lego ideas to use instead of the hoses.  Welding rods, wooden dowels painted black, etc. Enjoy!
  • 3 months, 2 weeks ago MOCrockets Level 10 MOC Designer
    Yes for sure!  I need to prioritize that - thanks for the reminder.
  • 4 months, 2 weeks ago MOCrockets Level 10 MOC Designer
    Interesting idea for the electrical cable - if you have tried it, does it curve or bend?  Hopefully it stays rigid.
    Regarding the stickers - there is a new version uploaded with vertical SpaceX letters for each booster as well as a bigger Falcon Heavy one for the payload fairing.  Enjoy!