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NKubate is a combination of my name initials Nathanael Kuipers and the word incubate, which is often used for the process to come up with new, fresh ideas. Whether I build alternatives from one set or other type of models, the drive to come up with new, fresh ideas is always there. Visit my site www.NKubate.com to find out for yourself.
For models that I consider worth sharing I create detailed instructions. To deliver excellent experiences I spent a lot of time optimizing both model and instructions. So hopefully my models are interesting enough for you to build. In that case I would love to hear back from you to provide me with some feedback regarding your experience.
If you like my work and want to support new projects, donations are welcome at: paypal.me/NKubate.
Thank you for visiting!


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  • 6 days, 8 hours ago NKubate Level 15 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Thank you so much! Really happy to read that you had such a positive first MOC experience! The quality of MOCs and building instructions on this site can differ quite a bit.
  • 6 days, 8 hours ago NKubate Level 15 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    I had to built this model as well to find out for myself if it lives up to the hype. And I can certainly understand what all the fuzz is about because the end result looks absolutely stunning! It's amazing that Firas was able to create a modern Mustang with only using the pieces from the official set. This did however come with some compromises, some of which have already been addressed like the structural integrity. Some parts are indeed a bit flimsy and come of easily, which reminds me a bit of some of my earlier alternates, which weren't fully developed. That's a bit of a pity because I believe from experience that with a couple of more iterations, many issues could have been remedied or at least improved a lot. This model felt therefore more like an earlier concept version. Perhaps I'm being picky, especially considering that it's a first alternate, but perhaps something to improve next time.
    When it comes to the technical aspects, I think there are some very clever building tricks and solutions used, especially the way the door hinges were constructed (although they do not work so well), and the way the front and rear end come together. I was a bit disappointed that there was no working steering wheel or hand of god (hog), so the model is definitely not suited to play with. I was also surprised that the rear wheels are connected with a friction pin, especially because there is a simple solution with the remaining parts to make them turn, but I guess that looks went over function in the end.
    The building instructions are nicely done and look professional. I like that new pieces are highlighted, something I might have to apply myself in the future. The way the instructions flow is less convincing, where it's sometimes difficult to see what is going on and parts being connected on only one stud, making the construction process not always as enjoyable as I'd like. Admittedly, providing an excellent building experience is one of the hardest parts to achieve and I spent therefore a lot of time finetuning the order of assembly in my instructions.
    So is it worth the price? I guess it depends on your expectations. Is the most important aspect the end result then I'd say yes! If you however expect a top notch building experience and optimized model for that money as well, like I do, then you might have to think twice... Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next time, Firas!
  • 2 weeks, 6 days ago NKubate Level 15 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    This is such a great alternative model to complement the official model: fits perfectly because they are both so classic and authentic! I was wondering though if there is a particular reason why you decided not to reuse any of the transparent windows. I think you could have implemented some with a bit more tinkering around...
  • 3 weeks ago NKubate Level 15 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Thank you for taking the time to provide me with some constructive feedback. First of all it's a delight to read that you compare this model with an official product and that you seem pleased with your first moc instruction purchase! I always put great care in providing an excellent experience and end product which hopefully will set my work apart from others.
    When it comes to your proposals I have tried to take in consideration the stickers, but the tile with the mirror sticker is indeed one I couldn't integrate properly. Because 3069b in grey is very common, one could either consider swapping the part or like tomasz01 did come up with a creative solution yourself. That's so great with Lego bricks that you can always modify if you don't like things.

    I'm also aware that the dark blue color makes it hard to differentiate parts in these instructions. It probably has to do with the rendering software that I'm standard using with Ldraw. I will look into this the next time I'm designing a model that uses a lot of dark blue. Thank you for your consideration.
  • 1 month ago NKubate Level 15 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    From one of your pics I found, it seems like you have built this pickup as well. Would be nice to hear about your experience... Feedback is always appreciated!