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  • When you go to the part page, there are 2 lists. The first is all colors that part is in in a set. The second is the same list, but with MOCs the part is in. Click on a color to see all the sets or MOCs for that color.
  • There are almost the same amount of minifigs, both with dual molds, so that's not it. A possibility is it looks like the Land Bounty has larger parts? The 70677-1 weighs 2013 gr, while the 70678-1 weighs 1718 gr, while having 30 parts more. So weight per part is higher on the 70677-1.
    Only other plausible thing I can find is the Copper parts in the Land Bounty. This color is not used a lot, and might be more expensive to produce. That's pure speculation, without any proof.