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I'm just an ordinary Dutch guy that loves building complicated and/or large Lego models.


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  • 1 day, 13 hours ago morningstrummer Level 10 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    It will take a complete redesign of the bottom trucks to get that to fit, on top of that you'll most likely have to build the tender higher as well, due to the larger diameter of the xl wheels. then for the drive rods, you'll need longer ones as well, as the xl wheels stand 1 stud further apart compared to te large wheels. I think this picture gives a good example, on the top we have the big boy and on the bottom is the drivetrain for my future 844 (in the same scale as my big boy)

  • 1 month, 4 weeks ago morningstrummer Level 10 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    There was indeed an error present in V2.0 of the instructions, I've currently uploaded V2.1 where I've removed shown error.

    The error in question:

    As for how this was able to happen, While remaking the instructions I changed this particular callout later on in the process (p22), resulting in me not noticing this (previous) step had also changed. Since I test build the previous instructions I knew the model could be built and didn't do a test build this time around, resulting in this error slipping through my fingers.

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience I caused because of this, Turns out I'm still human and am still able to make mistakes.

    As a side note,
    Please next time if you find an error in instructions (be it mine or someone else's), kindly make contact with the designer, prior to <deleted>. We are all hobbyists and we can all make mistakes, we rather have someone give us the chance to fix something before they tell everyone how "bad" our work is.

    I hope this resolved the issue you had, if not please get in contact again.
  • 2 months, 2 weeks ago morningstrummer Level 10 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Sadly I have to disappoint you on this one, I've tried finding it back on my pc however I don't have the original file anymore.
    I can tell you however how to recreate it:
    Just a word document where I made the text white and the surrounding black. The fonts I used was a combination of different Futura fonts, this takes a bit of trial and error to see what looks best. for the text itself I referenced the real big boy. (before the restoration)
    For printing I used regular printable sticker paper. Though I advise against this as it is a pain to take it of once it has sat for some time. Vinyl stickers would work better however they are off course more difficult to get and more expensive.
    I'm sorry I can't provide what you where hoping, however I do hope you've found this information useful.

  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago morningstrummer Level 10 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    I'm sorry I have to disappoint you, I only provide the instructions, getting all the parts (modifying them) and assembling the model is all up to you.