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  • 1 month, 3 weeks ago oakchip (506)
    Michael, just finished building the mod and have to say I am really impressed. Squeezing 9 motors into the chassis is certainly some achievement. Just one or two comments. I would rate the build as "very challenging" = "very satisfying". If you don't have the original model then parts could be expensive. But then, you don't have to use the silver plated parts! The instructions are good, but some errors have crept in. For example, at step 57/58 the two halves of the chassis are not shown correctly located.But reference a few steps further on and this is corrected. ALso ref. my earlier post about step 235 being impossible as shown. I did devise a 'work around' for this and will happily share this. Though I am not entirely OK with how I did it - it works!
  • 1 month, 3 weeks ago oakchip (506)
    Michael. Step 235 appears to be impossible! The drawings show an 8-tooth pinion sandwiched between two vertical supports only 1 stud (or hole) appart. This cannot be done without the teeth of the pinion fouling the pieces either side of it! Can you explain how this is done please?
  • 7 months ago oakchip (506)
    I also have paid for instructions via Pay Pal. And I am waiting for the instructions as well!
  • 7 months, 1 week ago oakchip (506)
    Looks a brilliant model. I am "into" Technic myself. Your comments on ordering were interesting. I always order through Brinklink, except where the Lego shop is cheaper (usually Power Functions items). I have only been disappointed once, and that was on delivery times (took 2 months!). the items I have bought were always delivered correctly, and where colour was wrong, it was my mistake! It does take a lot of effort researching who has which parts and in what quantity. I use an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the orders! Taking into account who has what quantities, minimum orders, and shipping costs is both time consuming and expensive. It is important to leave good feedback for good service!
  • 11 months, 3 weeks ago oakchip (506)
    First of all I must congratulate you all on a great model and instructions. Just finished building it and I would rate it as "very challenging" - i.e. very satisfying! Although it looks like the Lego model, under the bonnet (as it were) it is a whole new model. Just a few niggles. I understand why you issued the instructions (and parts list) as an Excel file. But this is difficult to magnify for clarity. Transfeering the Excel file to PDF document partly works, but you need to change the format to landscape before creating the PDF file. Also, the page breaks in the PDF can split some pages in two; so you still need the Excel file as well. I only found 1 error. In building the rear crane the base rotation gear wheel is shown as part 32270. This gear does not engage with the rotating base gear. Part 94925 does fit perfectly, however!
    Is it worth the money? Only the buyer can assess that, but really you are buying a great model. The Lego version is good, but this is something else again. Look forward to building the attachments and trailers for this model.