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I play lego since when I was 3 (without dark age), and my steps for a new set is still the same: main model - B models with instructions - back of the box builds without instructions - my own alternate(s).

Sometimes I don't afraid of using "illegal" connections, as soon as it was not "illegal" earlier. I agree that extreme tension can damage parts but I try to avoid those as they can make the MOC unstable. I also like to play with the geometry, an some of my MOCs seem to be ugly, because those were build because of this geometry play, and not for the nice look.

My favourites are the Classic Space sets, and making X-wings and Millennium Falcons from anything.


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  • 1 day, 7 hours ago plastic.ati Level 25 MOC Designer ADMIN
    Welcome to the club, 6211! And thanks for your words :) I think this kind of building is not that different, you just predefine that bunch of bricks. I am happy that I could show you something interesting.
  • 4 days, 9 hours ago plastic.ati Level 25 MOC Designer ADMIN
    I always have that feeling you are talking about. But it is not too serious, as I play with Lego, and it is not work for me :) Thanks for the explanation too!
  • 4 days, 9 hours ago plastic.ati Level 25 MOC Designer ADMIN
    Thanks, TurboRatRods! Unfortunately, I don't have too much photos from 2011 and before, only a Technic alt from the 80's (the set was from the 70's). I haven't thought that I will share my buids anytime later :) I fill search for that Technic stuff too, and try to reproduce it from the photo(s), but until that I have some more old stuff in my sack :)
  • 5 days, 14 hours ago plastic.ati Level 25 MOC Designer ADMIN
    Thanks, LegoOri, but the construction of the tail and the wheels are against their current design rules :)
  • 1 week, 1 day ago plastic.ati Level 25 MOC Designer ADMIN
    Okay, got it :) I promise I will share more-or-less of them in the future. I’m in an other larger X-wing alt at the moment, so I will share the first version and the final (and maybe some of the ones in between those two).
    As the set itself is over 700pcs, and the ship will contain more than 500, it might take some time :)